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Category Archives: World News

Lunar New Year 2015 Knocking the Door Today!

Another Google Doodle is ringing in the Lunar New Year — in Chinese soothsaying, the Year of the Goat — with an enlivened realistic that looks more like a sheep. Alternatively, it could be a ram. Be that as it may the perplexity is reasonable, since the Chinese word (羊) for every one of the three creatures is the same.

Egyptian decapitations show ISIS taking ‘worldwide jihad’ to rest of Arab world

The Islamic State’s mass execution of Egyptian Christians is the most recent sign that ISIS is indicating its sword against the West as well as whatever is left of the Arab world – drawing the district into a spreading war that leaves the United States in a troublesome spot as it tries marshal a binding coalition.

ISIS on the doorstep? Warriors purportedly seize Iraqi town close base holding US Marines

Islamic State warriors purportedly seized the majority of a western Iraqi town on Thursday, in battling occurring insignificant miles from an air base where several U.S. Marines are preparing Iraqis.

Stocks Plummet as Volatility Jumps on Wall Street

Money markets couldn’t shake off an instance of some anxiety from a week ago and shut forcefully lower again on Monday. Aerial transports, vitality and materials stocks were among the greatest decliners. The business sector is getting over its greatest week after week decrease in more than two years.

US Ebola patient in discriminating condition, clinic says

The primary man diagnosed with the Ebola infection in the United States is in discriminating condition, the Dallas clinic that has been treating him reported Saturday.

ISIS decapitates British prisoner Alan Henning in feature; says US vet is next

An Internet feature discharged Friday purportedly demonstrates an Islamic State contender decapitating caught British support specialist Alan Henning and undermining an alternate American hostage in the fourth such killing did by the aggressor bunch.

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