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Category Archives: List Articles

12 Crazy Facts About Japan

Have you ever wondered what makes Japan one of the most popular countries in the world? Is it their  technological edge, or their unique culture, or is it their great food? According to the latest news and accessible information, Japan has become one of the most not only among the popular, but also among the interesting countries in the world. Do you know why? Well, that is all because of the contributing factors mentioned above.

10 Most Expensive Diamond Rings In the World   

“Rings”, a word that will drive your girl crazy anytime. Even crazier when it is a diamond ring. Am I wrong? May be not; and here you will surely get yourself mesmerized to know about the ornaments celebs or influential people who use  luxuries rings and especially diamond rings. Believe it or not, they spend even millions just for a ring! And of course, a ring has to be that special to be that exotic and expensive. Here, we have put together 10 most expensive diamond rings in the world.

Stock Market Game: The Best 5 You Must Try

The force of involved learning is unquestionable. In any case regarding the matter of putting your cash in the stock exchange, be that as it may, committing an amateur’s error can cost you more than simply your respect toward oneself. Gratefully, the web makes it simple to practice with virtual cash; yes, we are going to talk about stock market game.

11 Biggest IPOs in US History

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering and it is when a company makes their shares available to the public for the first time, obviously you know this if you have studied finance. By doing this, a company which was falling very sharply can turn around in a positive direction just in a matter of time. Getting interested to know more about IPOs? Why not, right? Here, we have listed 11 biggest IPOs in US history, according to Renaissance Capital.

10 Largest Lakes In the World

It is unnecessary to say that lakes hold an integral part of our environment, and of course, they are very enthralling. Almost everyone loves to have a walk by the lake sides, but some lakes are that big that it takes not only hours, even days to roam around them. Doesn’t it sound exciting and makes you feel like go and check by yourself? It certainly does, and that’s why we have prepared a list of 10 largest lakes in the world, considering area, length and maximum depth as factors.

10 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America

Planning to go on a trip to Central or South America, but don’t know how to make that fruitful? If yes, then this is the right article for you in such circumstance. Here, we have listed 10 best places to visit in Central and South America, according to the expert opinions and other factors like natural beauty, culture, cuisine, accommodations, and attractions.

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