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10 Largest Lakes In the World

10 Largest Lakes In the World
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It is unnecessary to say that lakes hold an integral part of our environment, and of course, they are very enthralling. Almost everyone loves to have a walk by the lake sides, but some lakes are that big that it takes not only hours, even days to roam around them. Doesn’t it sound exciting and makes you feel like go and check by yourself? It certainly does, and that’s why we have prepared a list of 10 largest lakes in the world, considering area, length and maximum depth as factors.

Now, let me ask you this, do you really know what lakes are? Most probably you do know, but here’s what lakes usually mean: generally filled with water (can be filled with ice sometimes), a lake is an area of different sizes that is limited to a basin, which is enclosed by land except from any river or other source that tries to provide for or drain the lake. But, what is so special about the lakes? Let’s find out!

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Usually when you think about lakes what pops up in your mind? May be that you would like to take a walk along the lakeside with your boyfriend/girlfriend? To further extend, if the lake is somewhat big, you may consider having a boat trip? Isn’t that correct? But, how about a boat trip in a lake that can take your whole day even? Well, thinking about redefining lakes? So, do we. Here, we are talking about 10 largest lakes in the world, not about the ones you roam around in some hours! So, if you are planning to visit these giant lakes, you better be prepared well; after all, you want to make sure a perfect dating or hang out, don’t you?

Now, we are almost set to begin our journey to know in depth about the lakes including their depths. We are very hopeful about this enriched article with versatile information, and we also hope that you will find it very handy. If you do, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

10. Great Slave Lake

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: Canada

Surface Area: 27,200 km2

Maximum Length: 480 km

Maximum Depth: 614 m (2,014 ft)

Great Slave is the Canadian lake, ranked as 10th among the 10 largest lakes in the world that, is drained by the Mackenzie River. This is also the 8th deepest in the world and the deepest one in North America. A vary small community of about 350 people named Lutselk’e are living in the east part of the lake. In November to mid June it remains fully frozen.

9. Lake Malawi

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location:Tanzania- Mozambique-Malawi

Surface Area: 29,600 km2

Maximum Length: 560 km to 580 km

Maximum Depth: 706 m (2,136 ft)

Lake Malawi is popularly known as Lake Nyasa or Lago Niassa. This is the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, which possesses more fish varieties than any other lake in the world. Moreover, Malawi is a meromictic lake, having several layers of water that never intermix. Beaches and islands of this lake attract thousands of local and global tourists every year. People can enjoy activities like camping, outing to the island, snorkeling, boat riding, diving, sailing, playing beach football, water skiing and so on.

8. Great Bear Lake

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: Canada

Surface Area:31,153 km2

Maximum Length: 2,719 km

Maximum Depth:446 m (1,463 ft)

This is the largest lake in Canada and the 4th largest in North America. The Great Bear lake is named after the first nation living in the northern shores of the lake, known as ‘Chipewyan’, which means ‘grizzly bear water people’. From late November to July, this lake remains covered with ice.

7. Lake Baikal

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: Siberia, Russia

Surface Area: 31,722 km2

Maximum Length: 636 km

Maximum Depth:1,642 m (5,387 ft)

Among all lakes over the world, Baikalis the deepest and the largest volume of fresh water lake, which contains approximately 20% unfrozen surface fresh water of the world. This lake is the 7th among the 10 largest lakes in the world. Here, the winter nights are significantly colder and summer days are significantly hotter, because of maintaining a mean water temperature.

6. Lake Tanganyika

10 Largest Lakes In the World


Surface Area:32,900 km2

Maximum Length: 673 km

Maximum Depth:1,470 m (4,820 ft)

Along with recognized as the 6th largest one, this African great lake is the 2nd deepest and the longest fresh water lake in the world. This lake considerably possesses a variety of distinct flora and fauna, which attracts the worldwide tourists to enjoy this natural beauty.

5. Lake Michigan

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: United States

Surface Area: 58,000 km2

Maximum Length: 2,300 km

Maximum Depth:281 m (923 ft)

Becoming the 5th among the 10 largest lakes in the world, Michigan is also the world’s largest lake entirely contained, by one single country, the United States. Milwaukee and Chicago states are situated on the shoreline of this lake. The name ‘Michigan’ is supposed to originate from the word ‘Ojibwa Wordmishigami’, which means the ‘great water’.

4. Lake Huron

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: United States-Canada, North America

Surface Area: 59,600 km2

Maximum Length: 2,980 km

Maximum Depth:229 m (750 ft)

Lake Huronis the second largest lake in North America, surrounded by the Ontario, a Canadian region on the east and surrounded by the state of Michigan in the United States on the west. It is also the world’s largest lake island, containing Manitoulin Island. The name ‘Huron’ is derived from the Huron people living in this region.

3.  Lake Victoria

10 Largest Lakes In the World


Surface Area: 68,800 km2

Maximum Length:337 km

Maximum Depth:83 m (272 ft)

Lake Victoria is an African Great Lake, which is the 3rd among the 10 largest lakes in the world. John Hanning Speke was the discoverer from Europe, who named it after Queen Victoria. Considering the area as a parameter, this is the largest lake in Africa, the 2nd largest freshwater lake and also the largest tropical lake in the world. The biggest stream of Kagera River is flowing into this lake, later drained by Nile River on the northern shore of the lake.

2Lake Superior

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location: United States-Canada

Surface Area: 82,103 km2

Maximum Length: 560 km

Maximum Depth:406 m (1,332 ft)

Lake Superior is the largest lake of North American Great Lakes, which is enclosed by Ontario on the north, Minnesota on the west and Wisconsin and Michigan on the south. It is usually considered as the 3rd largest freshwater lake in the world. Slow changes in the water temperature facilitate to moderate nearby air temperature both in summer and winter, as well as in colder months lake effect snow is formed.

1. Caspian Sea

10 Largest Lakes In the World

Location:Kazakhstan-Russia- Azerbaijan-Iran-Turkmenistan

Surface Area: 371,000 km2

Maximum Length:1,030 km

Maximum Depth:1,025 m (3,360 ft)

The Caspian Sea is considered first among the 10 largest lakes in the world; though it is not a continental lake like others listed. Rather, being fully over the continental crust, it contains a large oceanic basin, which makes it as oceanic lake. This is the 3rd deepest and also the largest saline water lake in the world. It is inside an ‘Endorheic’ basin, having no outflows.

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